Early Orthodontics

Guiding Your Child’s Smile into Proper Alignment with Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is designed to treat the misalignment of teeth, also known as malocclusion. Malocclusion is not only treatable, but it can also be preventable.

Our pediatric practice offers early orthodontic treatments for children throughout the Erie County communities. Dr. Purcell and his team will work with you to ensure your child has a full, healthy bite they can enjoy for a lifetime.

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What Is Phase 1 Early Orthodontics?

Most parents are familiar with traditional braces, which children, teens, and young adults wear to achieve a straighter smile. However, some cases of misalignment are so severe that braces are simply not enough to effectively align their smile. While more extensive methods are available for complex cases, Dr. Purcell works to avert this through innovative care applied at a younger age. By doing so, we strive to prevent major misalignment issues later in life.

Early orthodontics is a series of orthodontic procedures that prevent severe cases of misalignment from developing fully, if at all. During your child’s dental exams, our pediatric dentist looks for problems with the developing bite. If it’s severe, early orthodontic treatments could involve:

  • Space Maintainers
  • Removal of Baby Teeth
  • Partial Braces
  • Palatal Expanders
  • Headgear
  • Habit Correction

Why Early Orthodontics Is Essential for Your Child’s Smile

Not every young smile needs orthodontic treatment, and those that do still may not require preventive treatments. However, severe malocclusions are always difficult to treat once they are set in place. If alignment issues can be treated before fully developing, it allows later treatments to be more successful or be used for a shorter period.

Early orthodontic treatment is meant to prevent serious misalignment issues before they start. As adult teeth grow in place, treatment helps guide them into their optimal position. Early orthodontics give your child a chance at achieving a healthy and beautiful smile.

Child-Focused Orthodontics

Dr. Purcell and his team provide phase 1 early orthodontic treatments to help children develop healthier smiles. To find out how else we can protect your child’s oral health, call our practice today.