Pediatric Dentistry

Getting Your Child on The Right Track Towards Long-Lasting Oral Health

Establishing proper oral health for your child is just as essential in their early years as it is throughout adulthood. Experienced and compassionate pediatric dentist Peter D. Purcell, DDS knows it’s never too early to exercise prevention. We encourage parents and guardians to bring in their children as soon as their first tooth erupts to begin the journey of achieving optimal oral health.

At our pediatric dental office, our team welcomes children, teens, and young adults of all ages. We are dedicated to protecting the oral and dental health of your child, always making sure we understand their needs while exceeding your expectation regarding their care.

Contact our skilled team today to experience the pediatric care that has made us a staple throughout the West Seneca community for over 20 years!    

Experienced Dental Care Focused on Young Smiles

We value the comfort and confidence your children have during treatment just as much as their dental health. We strive to make all treatment as gentle and relaxed as possible, using a kid-friendly approach in language and attitude. If your child feels any discomfort during treatment, they can simply signal to us to stop what we’re doing. We use this time to answer questions and alleviate any concerns to help re-establish trust and comfort. For particularly anxious children, we happily provide sedation to make visits more comfortable.

When visiting us for comprehensive pediatric care, we offer a wide variety of preventive and specialized treatments, including:

  • Gentle Cleanings & Examinations
  • Patient & Parent Education
  • Fluoride & Sealants
  • Treatment for Baby Bottle Decay
  • Cavity Control
  • Mouthguards
  • Phase 1 Early Orthodontics
  • And More!

No matter the oral health needs of your child, our team has the skill, technology, and experience to ensure a healthy smile for years to come.

Introducing Your Child to a Positive Dental Future

Our team understands that dental fear and anxiety are real. We take the time to show children that the dental office is nothing to fear.

During this introduction process, Dr. Purcell and his team work with your child to bond in a fun and safe environment. This helps you build a firm foundation for good dental habits at home and makes it easier to keep routine appointments.

Part of the introduction process includes describing the instruments we use, so your child has a better understanding of what happens during treatment. We also take the opportunity to counsel both children and parents on recommended dietary and health habits.

We design your young one’s visit and services with their needs in mind so that we can better ensure your child becomes a healthy and confident dental patient for many years to come.

Let’s Build a Healthy Smile Together!

At the pediatric dental practice of Peter D. Purcell, DDS, we take a caring and gentle approach to your child’s dental care. If you’d like more information about our commitment to young smiles, call our office today!