Providing Straight, Healthy Smiles to Children and Young Adults

Braces, retainers, clear alignment trays, and all treatments that move teeth into the ideal alignment are part of the specialized field of orthodontics.

Our practice provides comprehensive orthodontic care focused on treating the specific needs of children and young adults from ages one to 21. As a double specialist in both pediatric dental care and orthodontics, Dr. Purcell uses his expertise and enthusiasm to design treatments that ensure the health and proper alignment of growing smiles.

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Expert Orthodontic Services We Provide

Our practice stands out for the specialized care we offer as both a pediatric and orthodontic office. The variety of skilled dental treatments allows us to offer your children customized solutions to ensure a healthier smile.

Our pediatric dentist looks for the signs of potential misalignment, determining whether your child’s dental development will lead to teeth or bite issues. Working with you and your child, we can discuss treatment options that can minimize or even prevent possible misalignment before it affects their oral health now and in the future.

Orthodontic solutions we provide at our practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign® Clear Aligners
  • Headgear

Why Treating Misalignment is So Important  

Teeth that grow in awkwardly or shift out of alignment require repositioning to correct these issues before serious problems develop. While patients of any age can benefit from correcting misalignment, our team focuses on children because the jaw is still growing, which makes treatment more successful with long-lasting results.

Orthodontics is essential for both the appeal and health of the smile. Misaligned teeth make it very difficult for your child or teen to clean their smile properly, and tooth decay and gum disease are much more likely to develop.

Bite issues also create problems with biting, chewing food, and speaking; several digestive and speech disorders can be caused by a bad bite.

While more common in adults, children and teenagers can also benefit from cosmetic orthodontic treatments if they only have minor malocclusions. We provide these cosmetic treatments, such as clear aligners, if they best serve your child’s alignment needs.

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