Sedation Dentistry

Working to Establish Trust and Maximize Comfort for Young Patients

Visiting the dentist can be difficult when you experience fear and apprehension regarding your dental treatment. When it comes to young patients, our team understands that a new and unfamiliar environment can make your child scared or uncomfortable. That’s why Dr. Purcell and our pediatric team proudly provide sedation dentistry specially tailored to your child’s needs.

We believe by offering relaxation dental care, we not only help establish trust but also help encourage confidence in your child during treatment, allowing them to feel more excited about their dental care for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact our office to find out how sedation can help your child and their smile now and in the future.

Relaxation Dentistry Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

Whether your child has a more extensive treatment plan in place or experiences more than the usual apprehension when in the dental chair, we offer a variety of sedation options that are safe and effective for your child.

Nitrous Oxide

Often known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the most common form of sedation techniques. It’s designed to lessen the fears and anxieties of our young patients. The gas is combined with oxygen to allow for comfortable breathing so that the sedation effect can take place efficiently and successfully. The gas flows from a tank through a tube to a mask attached to the patient’s mouth and nose.

With nitrous oxide, your child will remain awake and alert but will feel more relaxed during procedures. This sedation also leaves the system quickly, so your child won’t be groggy after treatment.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation uses an IV bag to administer the sedative for quicker results. Your child may get nauseous from nitrous or may be afraid of needles. When that is the case, intranasal sedation delivered through a spray can be an effective alternative.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation is taken in either pill or liquid form. The side effects that come with oral sedation are typically mild, giving your child an opportunity to relax without dizziness or an upset stomach. We recommend that you help prepare your child to be comfortable while sedated by reducing their food and liquid intake a few hours before their appointment.

Our pediatric team will work with both you and your child to determine which method of relaxation dentistry will benefit them the most.

Alleviating Dental Fear Before It Starts

Dr. Purcell welcomes all pediatric dental patients throughout the Erie County and many surrounding areas. If your child is apprehensive about receiving dental care, we can help them relax. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!